The Howard Rotavator

by Thomas J. Ulsck

The Howard Rotavator is a line tilling tool available for the small- to medium-sized vegetable grower. It allows you to prepare a seedbed in conditions which would be impossible for other types of tractor-powered or horse-drawn equipment, provides an incomparable seedbed, aerates soil, incorporates crop residues, and so forth. It very well may be used for cultivating, bed forming, and other operations, and may be coupled with planters or drills for one-pass tillage and planting. I have found objections tfiat rotavators require excessive amounts of tractor power unfounded. I operate an 80-inch rotavator with a 45 horsepower, Ford 3000 diesel tractor on about two gallons of diesel fuel per hour. I can easily cover one to one-and-one-half acres per hour, and by making two or three passes am able to work 12 to 11 inches deep under most conditions. Howard Rotavators are distributed by a worldwide network of dealerships, a list of whJch can be obtained by writing: Howard Rotavator Company, Harvard, If. 00083.

I'iuhle on this rotary cultivator are the three attaching points of a three-point hitch, the rotovating tines, and the power-tithe-off connection for hitching to a tractor PTO shaft. This is the Ferrari Super L rotary tiller.

Ferrari InU:rnaiion.;i), Inc.

Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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