The Indian Five Tine Sweep Cultivator Plans

Dry farming areas where soil moistur conservation and soil erosion control are essential will benefit from this implement. The tool standards are staggered to allow crop residue and cut weed growth to remain on the soil surface. This cultivator can be used for primary tillage, seedbed preparation, weed control, and inter-row cultivation. The rigid steel frame can be built with additional toolbars to permit greater trash clearance.

Above three plans available from: Intermediate Technology Publications, Ltd. 9 King St.

London WC2E 8HN, England

Cultivator Plans
The Indian Five-Tine Sweep Cultivator

Manga Hoe

An adjustable-width cultivator available with 5 tines for donkey-draft or 7 tines for ox-draft. Extension bars are available to increase the width of the implement, in which form it can be used for row marking prior to planting.

S.A, Gard Pere et Fils

30500 Potelieres Par St. Amoroix (Gard)


HUK-Dnwn Cultivator

Designed for spring cultivation following winter plowing, for cultivation of stubble, uprooting of quackgrass. Cultivating depth is controlled by a hand lever. Weight: 107 kilograms.

Agromet-Unia Foreign Trade Enterprise 00-950 Pntemyslowa 26 Warsaw, Poland

Mulri-Purpose Potato Cultivator

Specially designed for potato cultivation, this combination three-purpose tool is supplied separately or combined with ridging, hoeing, and digging tools. The potato digger has a set of two guide wheels, the ridger, and an adjustable depth skid.

W. Hertecant 9200 Kwatrecht Wetteren, Belgium

Miscellaneous Animal-Drawn Tools Roller

This implement consists of two cylinders of 0.60 meters diameter. Available in two widths. Weight: 1.60-meter-wide model, 223 kilograms; 2.00-meter-wide model, 250 kilograms.

ETS, Techir.e

82400 Valance D'Agen


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