The Lincolnshire Longhorn

This tool was invented and developed in Lincolnshire, England, 300 to 400 years ago. "The pilgrim fathers may have used a hoe like this around Boston, U.K., before they sailed to America," suggests a manufacturer, David Tonge. Still used in Lincolnshire for larger gardens, small fields, odd corners, and headlands, it was originally used as a tool to fill the gap between the ordinary hand hoe and horse-drawn cultivators.

The Lincolnshire Longhorn Hoe

To use it, you stand in between the handles and push the hoe backward and forward while walking forward. The art of using it is to keep the blade one-half-inch deep in the soil while keeping the blade level. "A big selling point," says Tonge, "is that it enables one person to cover a lot of ground in little time. A fit and able man in a seven-hour day should be able to hoe four to five acres in 20-inch rows."

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