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Hn'-i »' Is », » »' tiot.jfp <1 > * 6>v A'Ml Ihr ( f > . <m»»',<( < , < i r " a »?"(< >>»<« Out«? K'iJ nt.v,^ ,t% UjfUfen itif Uw of the Disappearing Middle,' This ¡a* utiles Hi si it technology sleajily move* to iisgiief planes. we are left with pmuttve. ©vetiy si«ip!i§tic tools 0ft the on® hand, and a vety complex, s©phlitic<§tt«J ttclweiofy the other,

The mag¡c ol any book t® m the notssiWi» tits st raises m the imagination® of it® reader* There we forgotten tools that could be made again - only better - and future tools not yet dreamed ot. The ideas for them could spring from the obsolete toots of the past. Along with the new tools in this book, you II find pictures of farm tools from old manuals. Studying the anatomy of a 1930 tractor which is especially auftable to th® need» ®f today'» farmstead, a handy person might just be pirtuaded to build another one Or more,

Some tools now marketed for special purposes have uses for growers that the equipment maker didn't forest©. For example. a supplier of orchard and fruit« farming equipment manufactures a mulch spread«* for the commercial strawberry m®wm Owl tm matcher «rgutd y#f«f to ifif ¡few« #1« m iffcs^«! iitiw-tef1 yftu ftiifcf it.

of corn, pumpfcifit. mengetf. ei other plants, ft wmi evtn gtind ® cfude com-an^^cob mt«i iot cows. A tsned Sitage hand fork meMai an eKcett#nt loos tor handling mytchwg matertnin tike shredded bark. The «■etoatiy targe hand forks we used to call bertey forks, with lints closer together than those of a sitag« fork, are good for shoveling sawdust rrnifch,

Thii took tMinp together all these tools and the ways to am them. People »ay that toe is aren't available today for homestead-ing and tmalhicale farming. But somewhere in the world or at som# point trt recent history the technology exited for these toots. They are being made today, and this book tells you where to find them. Veteran farmers can use this catalog as a source book for hard-to-find implements; novices will find helpful explanations of how to use these tools - the correct way to scythe, for instance.

The future looks bright for tool users and tool makers in the gardening and small-farming field. Little imaginative thinking has gone into such tools in recent years because technology has been enamored with the concopt of Big. But all sorts of interesting ideas await development. This book will help point the way.

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