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The heftiest of the Bouyer products has a four-stroke, air-cooled diesel engine available in either 9, II or 14 h.p. Special features for oper ation in a hot climate include an oil regenerator and oil bath air filter. There are two speed ranges for three forward speeds and one range of three reverse speeds. Three power take-off shafts operate at different speeds including one independent, one independent with clutch, and one driving the rotovator.

Bouyer supplies a wide range of attachments for use with all three tractors, though sizes differ. These include many variations of plows such as a reversible plow, universal hitch, rotovator, cultivators, toolbar frame for carrying hoes, potato lifter, four-row seeding drill, two-row drill seeder and fertilizer combination, spraying equipment and trailer reservoir, irrigation pump, sickle bar and rear rotary mowers-disc harrows, and many wheels for better traction in both wet and dry cultures. At the time of this writing, Bouyer is interested in establishing a distributor in North America.

Bouyer BP. 23

Tomblaine 54510, France

Sagisag Model A by Mametora

Any engine of a fanner's choice can be mounted on the basic engine frame. An overdrive dutch mechanism provides transmission efficiency when changing tin all-gear transmission with 12 forward and six reverse speeds. Electric start and headlight are provided. The 16-blade rotary tiller tills 13 centimeters deep and 60 centimeters wide. The manufacturer claims a capacity of 2 hectares per hour with tiller; the plow attachment takes 75 minutes to cover the same area.

Tramat Mercantile, Inc. 747-749 Gandara St. Sta. Cruz, Manila

Mametora Power Tillers MC

Three models are available from this company, no horsepower ratings are given. All have four-cycle, vertical, monocylinder engines with air cooling, two power take-off shafts, V-belt and gear-driven transmission with two forward and one reverse speed.

Mametora Power Tiller HMD

A 7 h.p. unit has all-gear transmission, eight speeds forward, four reverse and a four-cycle, 252-cubic centimeter engine. Attachments include a rotary plow, side and middle furrower, puddling wheel and rakes, power transmission pulley, and trailer.

Other models are available.

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