Walking Plow

Designed for light and medium soils. Comes in three sizes ranging from 24 kilograms to 31 kiiograms in weight.

Agroiaet-Unia Foreign Trade Enterprise 00-950 Pmemyslowa 26 Warsaw, Poland

Walking Plow with Support Wheel

This horse-drawn walking plow is intended for use in light- and medium-cohesive soils in small fields and gardens. They are also recommended for plowing wedges and other intricate field shapes. Weight: 37 kilograms.

Agroinet-U nia Foreign Trade Enterprise 00-950 Przemyslowa 26 Warsaw, Poland

Swing Plow-Model V.B.

This moldboard plow is available with a front wheel or forefoot and with or without coulter, skimmer, or spare share. It comes in three sizes.

W. Hertecant 9200 Kwatrecht Wetteran, Belgium

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