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Nigel Faithfull spent 4 years in the laboratories of RTZ at Avonmouth before proceeding to the University of Wales at Aberystwyth. He graduated with Honours in Chemistry (1968), and immediately took charge of the newly established Agricultural Sciences Analytical Laboratory. Research into automated methods in herbage analysis led to an MSc, and further studies involving atomic absorption spectrophotometry resulted in a PhD in 1975. He is a Chartered Chemist and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He was a member of college safety committees for about 30 years. Following a merger with the Welsh Agricultural College, the Analytical Laboratory is now located at the UWA Institute of Rural Studies, Llanbadarn Campus, Aberystwyth, where a commercial soil analysis service for farmers has been in operation for several years.

N.T. Faithfull, MSc PhD (Wales) CChem MRSC

Institute of Rural Studies

University of Wales

Llanbadarn Campus


Ceredigion SY23 3AL

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