Absorption of moisture by the sample

Although dried herbage samples are kept in a desiccator before weighing, it is possible for samples to absorb moisture from the atmosphere during weighing (Faithfull, 1970). This arises from the repeated removal and replacement of the desiccator lid. This was investigated using three types of sample: grass, barley and faeces. Using a large desiccator holding 80 samples, the lid would be removed that number of times over a 2-h period. The absorption of moisture by the last sample to be weighed amounted to 0.95% for grass, 0.83% for faeces and 0.77% for barley. This effect can be reduced to about 0.1% by using smaller desiccators holding about 12 sample tubes.

The sample will continue to absorb moisture while on the balance pan, the initial rate being about 0.01% min-1. The use of a well-balanced spatula (e.g. a wooden handled 75 mm stainless steel-bladed palette knife) and glass weighing funnel will speed the weighing process and reduce moisture absorption.

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