Applications of NIR

Hay has been analysed by NIR for crude protein, acid detergent fibre, dry matter, lignin and IVDMD, rapeseed for oil and water; and spring field beans for N to name but a few applications. Most macroinorganic constituents of peaty soil can be determined, and moulds have been measured in hay, tall fescue and barley (Malley and Nilsson, 1995). A short bibliography is given below.

Compost (C and N) Food analysis Forage analysis

Manures (ammonium-N, moisture, total C and N) Ryegrass (ADF, ash, crude fibre, crude protein, IVOMD, lignin, NDF)

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Silage (DM)

Silage (DM, crude protein,

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NDF, Cellulase OMD) Silage (DOMD) Silage (VFAs) Soil (biological activity) Soil (OM, humus) Soil


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Sulphur in plants



The Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy has a website at: and abstracts of journal articles are available at: One site describing NIR equipment may be viewed at:

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