Biological substances

Such samples include milk, blood, urine and faeces. Most samples will only need to be placed in an ice-box after sampling, this will help to prevent degradation and oxidation of sensitive compounds like vitamin E (tocopherol). The treatment may depend on the analyte to be measured, so it is essential to study the published sampling protocol before arriving to take the sample. Blood may need to be collected in a heparin tube if plasma is to be later prepared by centrifugation. The blood should be mixed with the heparin by slowly inverting several times, but never vigorously shaken. A heparin tube is not required before centrifugation for serum preparation. Samples may be kept for several months in a freezer at -20°C, but for longer than 6 months at -80°C. If semen is to retain its activity, it should be kept in liquid nitrogen.

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