Peristaltic pumps

In addition to the above manufacturers, suitable peristaltic pumps with a minimum of 12 tube channels, such as the Ismatec IPC-16 and IPC-24 versions (cost £2000+), are obtainable from:

Bennett Scientific: and from Cole Parmer Instrument Co. Ltd at: Other multi-channel pumps are manufactured by Watson-Marlow Bredel (the 200 Series) and distributed by Fisher: where one can browse the catalogue without needing to complete the registration form; or from Patterson Scientific: Another brand is the Cole Parmer Masterflex, which can accept a maximum of 12 cartridges to give 12 channels.

The peristaltic pump is fitted with colour-coded PVC tubes of varying diameters. The flow rate is governed by the diameter and indicated by the colours of the collar at each end. Standard quality is usually of acceptable tolerance, but flow-rated tubing with a higher precision is available. In addition to PVC, other tube materials are available. Silicone rubber is free of additives and plasticizers and less likely to age over time. Solvent resistant yellow PVC retains its flexibility when used to pump solvents, and vulcanized black rubber tubing is used with concentrated acids.

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