The Analysis of Animal Feed and Plant Materials

The official methods applying to Great Britain are found in SI 1999 No. 1663, The Feeding Stuffs (Sampling and Analysis) Regulations 1999. They revoke previous regulations and implement in full the various applicable European Community Directives, and the Community methods of analysis are listed in Schedule 2, part II, Annex I. EC methods in force are usually freely downloadable as HTML files from the Eur-Lex service, but repealed directives or TIFF versions of current methods from the Official Journal can be searched for and easily purchased by credit card from the Eudor website: These can be sent by FTP (file transfer protocol), e-mail, fax or post. When e-mailed, they will be sent as an attached zipped file. The attached file should be first saved to a directory, then unzipped as a TIFF (tagged image file format) file and a readme.txt file, and re-saved. It is important to use the correct software to read the TIFF file, which is in tifg4g format. Merely importing into a word-processing package like Microsoft Word 2000 or into a graphics program such as Corel Photopaintâ„¢, will only open the first page of the document. By using the Imaging facility in Microsoft Windows Accessories, all the pages may be accessed and printed. The image resolution is selectable when ordering the document, the finest being the default at 400 dpi. The readme.txt file gives details of the helpdesk telephone number and postal address of the Office for Official Publications. Full searches are available to Celex subscribers. TIFF files can also be ordered from any of Eur-OP's document delivery agents listed on:

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Latest US methods are given by Horwitz (2000), in the 17th edition of Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International. We will refer to the 15th edition (1990) as that is the one at hand, and more likely to be available to others than the latest edition.

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