Total soil nitrogen

Soils mainly contain nitrogen in its reduced state such as ammonium compounds and organic amino complexes. The standard Kjeldahl technique is therefore suitable to estimate the organic (plus ammonium) nitrogen, which it does by oxidizing the organic matter in hot sulphuric acid containing a catalyst and converting the nitrogen to ammonium sulphate, which can be measured by distillation and titration, or by a colorimetric procedure. The distillation is carried out after first adding excess sodium hydroxide to the acid digest to liberate the ammonia gas from the ammonium sulphate.

This is distilled into a receiving flask containing boric acid indicator mixture and titrated against 0.001 M HCl. The colorimetric method using the auto-analyser is based on that used for plant materials (see below), but care should be taken that any precipitate formed does not collect in the flowcell, which must be occasionally inverted or cleared by passing a bubble of air through it. Any nitrate (and nitrite, which is usually insignificant) should be reduced to ammonium by adding salicylic acid followed by zinc dust (see Method 5.6a.i) before digestion for the autoanalysis method with a colorimetric procedure, or Devarda's alloy (see Method 5.5b.ii) before the distillation, if it is to be included to give a total nitrogen value.

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