Aculops lycopersici Massee Tomato russet mite

This mite is an important pest of tomato; other cultivated hosts include aubergine, potato and sweet pepper. In temperate regions, such as Europe, the pest occurs in glasshouses and breeds continuously without a dormant stage. Infestations lead to significant bronzing of leaves and stems; damaged areas often also crack and become distorted. Symptoms usually first appear at the base of plants and gradually spread upwards. Most significant damage occurs on tomato; leaves may desiccate and drop off, and infested plants are often killed. The free-living mites are pale yellowish-brown, 0.15-0.18 mm long and wedge-shaped, with about 27 broad tergites and 60 narrow ster-nites (cf. tomato erineum mite, Aceria lycopersici, above, which is a far less important pest).

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