Adoxophyes orana Fischer von Roslerstamm Summer fruit tortrix moth

This species is an important orchard pest in continental Europe. Locally important infestations also occur on apple and pear in southeastern England, especially in Kent. The larvae damage the leaves but, more significantly, graze upon the maturing fruits from which they remove large areas of skin.


Adults occur in June and again, usually in larger numbers, in August and September. Eggs are laid in yellow, scale-like batches on the leaves and hatch about 10 days later. Larvae inhabit

Fig. 283 Pupal cremasters: (a) strawberry tortrix moth, Acleris comariana; (b) carnation tortrix moth, Cacoecimorphapronubana; (c) straw-coloured tortrix moth, Clepsis spectrana; (d) dark strawberry tortrix moth, Olethreutes lacunana.

Fig. 285 Male summer fruit tortrix moth, Adoxophyes orana (x6).


Adult female 18-22 mm wingspan; forewings greyish-brown, with inconspicuous, reticulated markings; hindwings grey. Adult male 1519 mm wingspan; forewings light greyish-brown, with dark brown to ochreous markings; hind-wings grey (Fig. 285). Larva up to 20 mm long; body yellowish-green to dark green; pinacula small and yellowish; head and prothoracic plate yellowish-brown. Pupa 10-11 mm long, dark brown.

Fig. 284 Garden rose tortrix moth, Acleris variegana (x6).

spun leaves, attacking the foliage and developing fruits. Summer larvae pupate in August. Larvae produced by second-generation adults overwinter and pupate in late May or early June.

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