AE gall mites

Fig. 169 A female gall mite - family Eriophyidae: ) feather claw.

inute, fusiform, pyriform or vermiform mites up to 0.2mm long; two pairs of legs, located anteriorly; propodosoma forming a shield-like structure (the prodorsal shield) which bears two or no setae (Fig. 168b) and is often characteristically shaped or sculptured; hysterosoma elongated and annulated, with numerous tergites and sternites, the latter frequently occurring in greater numbers (Fig. 169) (in the subfamily Phyllocoptinae - hysterosoma often with relatively few, very broad tergites); feather-claws either simple or divided (Fig. 169a). Includes free-living and gall-forming species, and gall-inhabiting inquilines.

EXAMPLES: Cecidophyinae - Cecidophyopsis ribis (black currant gall mite), Colomerus vitis (vine leaf blister mite); Eriophyinae - Acalitus essigi (blackberry mite), Aceria lycopersici (tomato erineum mite), Eriophyes pyri (pear leaf blister mite); Phyllocoptinae - Abacarus hystrix (cereal rust mite), A cuius schlechtendali (apple rust mite), Phyllocoptes gracilis (raspberry leaf & bud mite).

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