Agromyza potentillae Kaltenbach larva Strawberry leaf miner

Minor infestations of this common and widely distributed leaf miner often occur on cultivated raspberry, strawberry and other Rosaceae, including ornamentals such as cinquefoil. The leaf mines commence as linear galleries. Each then develops into an irregular, pale blotch, visible from above. The mines are relatively small and there are often several in each infested leaf or leaflet. Although usually unimportant, heavy infestations on young strawberry plants can have a detrimental effect on growth. Adults occur in May or June and again in August; the larvae feed from June to July and from September to October. Pupation occurs amongst rubbish on the ground. Adults (c. 2 mm long) are black to greyish-black. The larvae are whitish and up to

3 mm long, with c. 9-pored anterior spiracles and 3-pored posterior spiracles.

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