Anthonomus rubi Herbst Strawberry blossom weevil

This mainly black (2-4 mm long) weevil is a locally important pest of strawberry. Infestations also occur on Rubus, including cultivated blackberry and raspberry. The adults, that are present in greatest numbers in late May or early June, cause minor damage by drilling small round holes through the leaves and flower petals. Eggs are deposited singly in unopened blossom buds. The egg-laying female also partially severs the blossom stalk (cf. damage caused by strawberry rhynchites, Rhynchites germanicus, p. 151). Eggs hatch within a week and the larvae feed for up to 2 weeks before pupating. Young adults emerge about 2 weeks later. They feed briefly on host plants and then hibernate, reappearing in the

Fig. 228 Apple bud weevil, Anthonomus piri (x!2).

following spring. Damage to strawberry crops tends to be most significant on cultivars that produce few blossoms; more vigorous cultivars usually compensate for early loss of blossoms. Infestations on Rubus hosts occur somewhat later in the year than those on strawberry.

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