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Fig. 300 Anterior part of larva of garden grass veneer moth, Chrysoteuchia culmella (xlO): (a) arrangement of crochets on an abdominal proleg (further enlarged).

brassica crops, including broccoli, Brussels sprout, cabbage, cauliflower and turnip. The larvae, sheltered by masses of fine webbing in which their frass accumulates, also invade the heads of broccoli and cabbages; such plants are often rendered unmarketable. Although rarely troublesome on field crops, infestations can be of significance in allotments, market gardens and on garden vegetable plots.


Adults of the first generation occur in May and June. Eggs are then laid in small batches on the leaves of host plants. They hatch about 10 days later. The larvae feed for about 3 weeks, often webbing young leaves together; there are four larval instars. Pupation takes place in the soil in strong silken cocoons formed a few centimetres below the surface. Adults emerge in August and September. Second-generation larvae feed during the autumn, and complete their development before the onset of winter. They then enter the soil where they overwinter; they eventually pupate in the spring. Under favourable conditions there may be a partial third generation.


Adult 25-27 mm wingspan; forewings brownish-white, with brown and blackish markings (Plate

13c); hindwings pale creamish-white with pale greyish markings and a dark submarginal line. Larva up to 18mm long; body greenish to yellowish and somewhat translucent, with a dark, dorsal stripe and a pale spiracular stripe, small black spiracles and pale hairs (Plate 13d); fully fed individuals are distinctly glossy; head and prothoracic plate brownish-green to yellowish-green.

Fig. 301 Forewing of sunflower moth, Homoeosoma nebulella (x5).

Fig. 301 Forewing of sunflower moth, Homoeosoma nebulella (x5).

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