Calocoris norvegicus Gmelin Potato capsid

Infestations of this widely distributed and often abundant capsid occur on various herbaceous plants, including chrysanthemum, and on field crops such as carrot, linseed and potato. The adults and nymphs produce distinctive reddish spots on the foliage; these feeding punctures gradually enlarge and turn brown, eventually developing into holes. The insects damage buds, flowers, leaves and shoots, and infested plants may become distorted; also, attacked tissue often withers and dies. Heaviest attacks tend to occur in weedy sites and are often restricted to the headlands of fields.


Eggs laid in summer overwinter in the woody or succulent shoots of host plants. They hatch in late May or early June, and nymphs feed for up to 6 weeks before moulting into adults. There is just one generation annually.


Adult 6-8 mm long, mainly green to yellowish-green, with black body hairs; elytra often tinged with reddish-brown; pronotum straight-sided, often with a pair of black spots; forewings with the membrane often matt black. Nymph similar in appearance to adult but wingless, although later instars with obvious wing buds.

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