Cassida vittata de Villers

Adults or larvae of this often bivoltine species are associated with various kinds of Cheno-podiaceae and may, occasionally, cause damage to sugar beet; infestations in the British Isles, however, are rare. Adults are 4.5-6.5 mm long and green with a metallic purplish to golden-green sutural band along the elytra; they are readily distinguished from those of Cassida

Fig. 212 Outline of the pronotum of various tortoise beetles, Cassida spp.: (a) C. nobilis; (b) C. nebulosa; (c) C. vittata.

Fig. 213 A tortoise beetle, Cassida nebulosa (x8).

nobilis (p. 138) by the more pointed hind angles of the pronotum (Fig. 212c).

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