Cerodontha incisa Meigen

This generally common leaf miner is a minor pest of cereals and grasses. The larvae form relatively large, whitish to yellowish galleries which extend back from the tips of expanded leaves and eventually turn brown (Plate 8c). Infestations are often noted on maize or sweet corn but tend to occur on mature plants and are not important.


Adults occur from spring onwards, and there are two or more generations each year. Larvae feed gregariously and pupate within the communal mine, each puparium attached to the leaf tissue by a few strands of silk.


Adult mainly black; wings 2.3-2.8mm long. Larva up to 4 mm long, whitish; mouth-hooks with several small teeth; posterior spiracles borne on a prominent cylindrical projection, and each with three pores. Puparium 2 mm long, metallic-black; posterior spiracles located on a characteristic projection (Fig. 259).

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