Cetema elongata Meigen

This species is associated with wild and cultivated grasses, including Elytrigia repens and Poa annua. The central shoots of attacked plants turn yellow but damage caused is of little or no economic importance.


Adults appear over an extended period in May and June. Eggs are then deposited singly on the leaves of host plants. Larvae feed singly within the central shoots from June or July onwards. Development is slow, and individuals do not pupate until the following spring, shortly before the appearance of the adults.


Adult 3.0-3.5 mm long, mainly black to brownish-black and distinctly shiny; face and scutellum yellow; legs mainly pale, with the anterior tarsi and extreme tips of the hind tarsi black. Larva up to 6 mm long; body elongated, white with a greenish tinge; antennae prominent; anterior spiracles with five or six lobes; posterior spiracles borne on broad, distinctly separated tubercles.

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