Chaetosiphon fragaefolii Cockerell Strawberry aphid

This species is a well-known pest of cultivated strawberry. Although causing little direct damage, the aphids contaminate plants with sticky honeydew and are particularly important as potential vectors of persistent and non-persistent viruses.


The aphids breed parthenogenetically on strawberry throughout the year, and tend to be most numerous on the underside of young leaves. Colonies are usually most populous in early summer (established plants) or autumn (first-year plantings); although excreting considerable quantities of honeydew, the aphids are not attended by ants. Winged females are produced in May and June, and sometimes also in late autumn or early winter, but there is usually no sexual phase in the life-cycle; males and egg-laying females (oviparae) are, however, reported to occur under artificial conditions.


Aptera 0.9-1.8mm long, elongate-oval, pale greenish-yellow to translucent whitish; eyes reddish; body hairs capitate; siphunculi relatively long, tapered; head and basal segments of antennae with prominent, capitate hairs (Fig. 189d).

Cryptomyzus ribis (L.)

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