Choreutis pariana Clerck larva Apple leaf skeletonizer

This species is a potentially damaging pest of fruit trees, especially apple and pear. The larvae graze away extensive areas of leaf tissue, damaged tissue turning brown.


Moths overwinter in various sheltered situations and emerge in April. Larvae feed singly on the upper surface of leaves, beneath a silken web. They also feed within folded leaves. Pupation occurs in dense, white cocoons formed on the underside of a leaf or on dead leaves on the ground. Adults emerge in July or early August. A second generation of larvae feed in late summer and these produce adults in the autumn.


Adult 11-13 mm wingspan; forewings brown to greyish-brown with dark, wavy markings; hindwings greyish-brown. Larva up to 14 mm long; body yellow to pale green, translucent; pinacula black and very obvious; head yellowish-brown.

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