Ctenicera cupreus F Upland click beetle

This locally common species occurs mainly in upland pastures. The larvae (known as 'upland wireworms') take up to 5 years to complete their development, and usually then pupate in late July or early August. Adults emerge in the following year and occur in greatest numbers in June and July. Although capable of inflicting considerable damage, upland wireworms are rarely sufficiently numerous to cause significant damage. Individuals are relatively stout-bodied, with the ninth abdominal segment bifurcated posteriorly by a bulb-shaped notch (Fig. 205c). Adults are 11-16 mm long and mainly dark

Fig. 206 Antenna of female upland click beetle, Ctenicera cupreus.

metallic green or dark coppery, sometimes with partly yellowish-tinged elytra; the antennae of males are long and each bears eight pronglike projections; the antennae of females are serrated, with most flagellar segments triangular (Fig. 206).

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