Dysaphis devecta Walker Rosy leafcurling aphid

This aphid is a widespread but local pest of apple. Infested leaves become curled downwards and develop a characteristic bright red coloration. Attacks tend to occur on mature trees with roughened bark and are rarely of major importance.


This species is restricted to apple and overwinters as eggs secreted under bark or in deep bark fissures. Colonies develop on the rosette leaves from early spring onwards, and are well established by the green-cluster stage. Later, the aphids also invade the young shoots. Although producing winged forms during the summer, the extent of migration is strictly limited and aphids rarely fly away from the tree upon which they were reared. Winter eggs are deposited from mid-Iune onwards, and most colonies will have completed their development before the end of


Aptera 1.8-2.4mm long, mainly bluish-grey, coated with white, waxy powder; antennae relatively short; siphunculi black, short, tapered, flanged apically; cauda black, triangular (Fig. 191c).

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