Dysaphis pyri Boyer de Fonscolombe Pearbedstraw aphid

The pear/bedstraw aphid is a potentially important pest of pear. Infestations lead to considerable distortion and yellowing of foliage and have a deleterious effect on shoot growth. The aphids also contaminate host plants with vast quantities of honeydew.


This species overwinters as eggs on pear, the primary host. Colonies develop during the spring on the young leaves and shoots, often becoming very populous. Winged forms are usually produced in June, and these migrate to Galium the secondary, summer host. Winged migrants from Galium eventually return to pear in the autumn.


Aptera 1.7-3.2mm long, distinctly plump, brownish-red to dark brown but coated in whitish wax, which gives the body a pinkish appearance; siphunculi black; cauda short, tongue-like.

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