Enarmonia formosana Scopoli Cherry bark tortrix moth

This moth is mainly a pest of mature trees (RoAaceae), including apple and cherry. The larvae burrow within the bark of the trunks and main branches; attacked trees are weakened and may be killed.


Adults emerge over a long period, from May to September. They are often active in sunshine but remain settled on the bark in dull weather conditions. Eggs are usually laid on infested parts of host trees and hatch 2-3 weeks later. The larvae feed within the bark for several months, before pupating in the following spring or summer, each in a silken cocoon spun within the larval gallery.


Adult 15-18 mm wingspan; forewings purplish-brown with irregular, yellowish-orange markings and silvery-white striae on the costa; hindwings dark brown (Fig. 292). Larva up to 11mm long; body brownish to pinkish; pinacula brownish; head light brown; prothoracic plate and anal plate light greyish-brown. Pupa 79 mm long, light brown; cremaster broad and blunt.

Fig. 292 Cherry bark tortrix moth, Enarmonia formosana (x6).

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