Epiblema uddmanniana L Bramble shoot moth

This species is an important pest of blackberry and loganberry. The larvae, commonly known as 'bramble shoot webbers', destroy buds, and also cause death and distortion of shoots. Canes of heavily infested plants are weakened and crop yields in the following year are reduced.


Small larvae overwinter in silken cocoons. In spring, they attack the flower buds. Later, each feeds on the shoots within a shelter of tightly webbed leaves. These habitations, within which masses of frass accumulate, are formed both on the fruiting canes and on the new growth. Pupation takes place within the larval habitation from May onwards and the adult emerges about 3 weeks later. There is just one generation annually.


Adult 15-20 mm wingspan; forewings pale grey to brownish-grey, with a white-bordered chocolate-brown blotch on the hind margin; hindwings grey (Fig. 293). Larva up to 15 mm long; body dark brown; pinacula, head, prothoracicplate and anal plate black or brownish-black (Fig. 294).

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