Euleia heraclei L Celery fly

The celery fly is a pest of celery and parsnip; infestations also occur on parsley, various wild Umbelliferae and on ornamentals such as giant hogweed. The larvae (known as "celery leaf miners') form expansive, brown, blister-like blotches on the leaves (Plate 7a), which affect both the appearance and vigour of host plants. Blotched leaves curl, turn yellow and eventually become brown; heavily infested plants appear scorched, plant growth is checked and crop quality is reduced. Damage is particularly severe on young celery plants; that on parsnip (cf. mines caused by larvae of the moth Epermenia chaerophyllella, p. 208) tends to be less so.


Adults appear in late April and early May. Eggs are deposited in or on the underside of celery leaves and other hosts during May; they hatch about a week later. The larvae then feed within the leaf tissue to form expansive blotches in which black frass and moisture accumulate. Unlike mines formed by larvae of Epermenia chaerophyllella (p. 208), there are no associated strands of silk. Several larvae often occur within the same blotch, and development takes from 2 to 3 weeks. Larvae then pupate within the blotch or in the soil, and adults emerge 3A1 weeks later. A second generation of adults occurs in late July and August. Second-brood larvae complete their development in the autumn and then overwinter within their puparia. Under favourable conditions, there may be three generations annually.


Adult 5 mm long, light brown to black, with green eyes; thorax shiny; legs yellow; wings iridescent, distinctly mottled (Fig. 251). Egg 0.5 mm long, elongate-oval, white, smooth-shelled. Larva up to 7 mm long, shiny white, greenish-tinged; posterior spiracles relatively close-set and each with three elongate pores; mouth-hooks triangular and with numerous small teeth. Puparium 5 mm long, pale yellow, wrinkled, oval and slightly flattened.

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