Eupoecilia ambiguella Hiibner Vine moth

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In continental Europe, this species is a pest of grape vines. Larvae of the first generation damage the flowers; those of the second generation feed directly on the developing grapes. This species occurs on various wild hosts in the British Isles, where it is univoltine and not recorded as a pest.


Adults occur in the spring, the period of activity varying from region to region. Eggs are laid on the buds of grape vines and hatch 1-2 weeks later. Larvae then spin several buds together and commence feeding, the shelters becoming more dense and larger as larval development progresses. Larvae eventually pupate in folded leaves, usually after feeding for up to a month, and adults appear about 2 weeks later. Second-generation larvae feed on immature fruits and complete their development in the autumn. They then spin overwintering cocoons, hidden in or beneath the bark of older vine stems, or in cracks on supporting posts.


Adult 12-15 mm wingspan; forewings whitish-ochreous, marked with yellow-ochreous and with a conspicuous, brownish median fascia; hindwings grey. Larva up to 11mm long; body reddish-brown or yellowish-brown to olive-green; pinacula large, brown and moderately conspicuous; head and prothoracic plate dark brown or black; anal plate brownish to yellowish.

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