Eupterycyba jucunda Herrich Schaeffer Potato leafhopper

Although associated mainly with Alnus, infestations of this generally common species often occur during the summer on potato. Infested leaves become speckled and, sometimes, yellowish or brown, but damage is usually unimportant. There are two generations annually. Adults are 4.0-4.5 mm long and mainly greenish or greenish-yellow, spotted with black, and with a mainly black abdomen; there are three distinctive black spots on the pronotum and a pair of black triangles anteriorly on the scutellum. NOTE Although leafhoppers of various genera are associated with fruit crops and a wide range of ornamental plants, few species are of significance on arable crops. Various species, however, feed on crops such as potato and sugar beet; they cause minor foliage damage but do not transmit viruses.

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