Eupteryx aurata L A potato leafhopper

This generally common leafhopper is associated mainly with Urtica but, during the summer, it also occurs on various other plants, including potato and various members of the family Labiatae. The adults and nymphs cause a yellowing of the foliage; heavy infestations of this and certain other species of leafhopper (e.g. Eupterycyba jucunda, above) may also cause leaves of potato to wilt, turn brown and die, a condition known as 'hopper burn'.


This species overwinters in the egg stage on urtica. In summer, eggs are laid in the leaves and stems of potato, and in those of various other underside of the leaves. They pass through five instars before attaining the adult stage.


Adult 3.5-4.3 mm long, mainly yellowish-orange, marked extensively with black; elytra yellowish-orange with black markings and, usually, a large, irregular, brown, longitudinal streak. Nymph mainly whitish.

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