Euxoa nigricans L Garden dart moth

This is a widely distributed and common allotment and garden pest of vegetable crops; damage is also caused to field crops such as carrot, potato and sugar beet. The larvae cause typical cutworm injury to roots and crowns of host plants, and attacks are particularly noticeable in dry conditions in May and June.


Larvae of this species feed from early spring onwards and become fully grown in June. They then pupate in the soil within earthen cells and the adult moths emerge in August. There is just one generation annually.


Adult 35-40 mm wingspan; forewings blackish-brown with darker cross-lines and pale stigmata; hindwings whitish, suffused with brownish, darker in female. Larva up to 40 mm long; body pale ochreous, greenish-tinged laterally, with pale dark-edged longitudinal lines and a double whitish lateral stripe; pinacula blackish; head greyish-brown marked with black.

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