Family Blastobasidae

A small group of small moths with elongate wings (Fig. 123). Larvae (Fig. 124) tortrix-like (see family Tortricidae) but with relatively small abdominal spiracles; lateral (L) pinaculum on prothorax placed below the spiracle (Fig. 125); subdorsal 1 (SDl) pinaculum on abdominal segments 1-7 crescent-shaped (Fig. 126). Larvae usually feed amongst debris and other dry material.

Fig. 124 Dorsal view of a blastobasid larva, Blastobasis decolorella - family Blastobasidae (x4).
Fig. 125 Prothoracic segment of a blastobasid larva - family Blastobasidae.

EXAMPLE: Blastobasis coloured apple moth).

decolorella (straw-

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