Family Epermeniidae p 208 et seq

A small group of moths, structurally similar to members of the family Yponomeutidae but with stiff bristles on the hind tibiae and hind tarsi (Fig. 118). The larvae feed mainly on Umbelliferae, at first mining the leaves but later inhabiting webs.

EXAMPLE: Epermenia aequidentellus (a leaf miner on carrot).

Fig. 119 Body and right-hand wings of a casebearer moth, Coleophora anatipennella ~family Coleophoridae (x7).

^ point of attachement to substratum point of attachement to substratum

Fig. 120 Pistol-shaped habitation (case) of a casebearer larva. Coleophora anatipennella - family Coleophoridae (x6).

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