Family Gelechiidae p 210 et seq

Small moths with palps curved upwards; margin of hindwing usually sinuous (Fig. 122); antennae usually without a basal pecten. Larvae tortrix-like (see family Tortricidae) but with relatively

Fig. 122 Hindwing of a gelechiid moth - family Gelechiidae.

Fig. 122 Hindwing of a gelechiid moth - family Gelechiidae.

Fig. 123 Adult of a blastobasid moth, Blastobasis decolorella - family Blastobasidae (x4).

narrow abdominal prolegs and small abdominal spiracles; abdominal prolegs with relatively few crochets (sometimes fewer than three), forming a mesal penellipse (Fig. 115e). Larvae usually feed within spun leaves or shoots.

EXAMPLES: Anarsia lineatella {larva = peach twig borer), Dichomeris marginella (juniper webber moth), Phthorimaea operculella (potato moth), Sitotroga cerealella (Angoumais grain moth).

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