Family Ichneumonidae ichneumons

Adults up to 37 mm long and distinguished by presence of forewing cross-vein 2m-cu (Fig. 154a). Larvae with 13-segmented body and, often, a caudal appendage (which may function as an egg-tooth, helping the first-instar larva to break out of the egg); early and later instars often very different in form; pupation usually occurs in a silken, often iridescent, cocoon. Most species are parasitoids of Lepidoptera but some attack Coleoptera.

EXAMPLES: Diadegma fenestralis, Glypta spp., Ichneumon spp., Itoplectis spp., Lissonota spp., Ophion luteus (yellow ophion), Pimpla hypochondriaca (red-legged ichneumon), Scambus pomorum (apple blossom weevil parasitoid).

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