Family Lymantriidae p 233 et seq

Medium-sized moths, often with a hairy appearance; females often with a distinct tuft of anal hairs used to cover their egg batches; proboscis absent. Larvae very hairy, either with distinct

Fig. 138 Antenna of a hawk moth - family Sphingidae.

Fig. 139 A lymantriid larva with hair 'pencils'. Orgyia antiqua - family Lymantriidae (x2).

hair 'pencils' arising from the first to fourth abdominal segments (Fig. 139) or with eversible glands dorsally on the sixth and seventh abdominal segments; head often glabrous; body hairs often urticating.

EXAMPLES: Euproctis chrysorrhoea (brown-tail moth), Lymantria dispar (gypsy moth), Orgyia antiqua (vapourer moth).

Fig. 140 An ermine moth, Spilosoma lutea - family Arctiidae: subfamily Arctiinae (x2).

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