Family Oecophoridae

A group of moderately small moths with prominent labial palps and broadly elongate forewings; base of antennae usually with a pronounced tuft of hair (the pecten). Larvae with a well-developed prothoracic plate and tortrix-like (see family Tortricidae) but the anal prolegs with the semicircle of crochets often broken into two bands and the long subdorsal (SD) seta on the eighth abdominal segment often placed more dorsally than the spiracle (Fig. 121). The larvae often feed within spun leaves, shoots or flower heads.

EXAMPLES: Depressariinae - Agonopterix nervosa (carrot & parsnip flat-body moth), Depressaria pastinacella (parsnip moth); Oecophorinae - Endrosis sarcitrella (white-shouldered house moth).

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