Family Pyralidae p 223 et seq

Adults with tympanal organs present at base of abdomen. Larvae with crochets on abdominal prolegs biordinal or triordinal, forming a complete circle or a mesal penellipse; pre-

Larvae Proleg

Fig. 129 A tortricid larva - family Tortricidae:

(a) arrangement of crochets on an abdominal proleg;

Fig. 130 Head and prothorax of a tortricid larva family Tortricidae.

spiracular plate on prothorax with two setae (Fig. 132) (three in most other Lepidoptera).

EXAMPLES: Crambinae - Chrysoteuchia culmella (garden grass veneer moth) ; Ever-gestiinae - Evergestis forficalis (garden pebble moth) ; Galleriinae - Galleria mellonella

Fig. 131 Eighth abdominal segment of a tortricid larva - family Tortricidae.
Thoracic Segments
Fig. 132 Head and first thoracic segment of a pyralid larva - family Pyralidae.

(honeycomb moth); Phycitinae - Ephestia elutella (warehouse moth), Plodia interpunctella (Indian meal moth); Pyralinae -Pyrolls farinalis (meal moth); Pyraustinae -Margaritia sticticalis (larva = beet webworm), Ostrinia nubilalis (larva = European corn borer).

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