Family Sphingidae hawk moths

Large, stout-bodied moths with long, narrow forewings and a well-developed, often very long, proboscis; antennae noticeably thickened towards or beyond the middle, with the apex pointed and often hooked (Fig. 138); frenulum well-developed; tympanal organs absent. Larvae stout-bodied and usually with a prominent dorsal

Fig. 135 Body and right-hand wings of geometrid moths - family Geometridae: (a) Eulithis prunata: (b) Colotois pennaria (x2).

horn on the eighth abdominal segment; skin often rough and finely warted; body hairs minute. EXAMPLES: Acherontia atropos (death's head hawk moth), Deilephila elpenor (elephant hawk moth), Smerinthus ocellata (eyed hawk moth).

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