Family Tenthredinidae

Small to medium-sized sawflies up to 20 mm long; antennae usually with nine segments; antennae simple, but projections present on basalmost segments in the genus Cladius (Fig. 151); thorax with a distinct postscutellum. A very diverse group, including many parthenogenetic species; eggs are usually laid in plant tissue, the female using her saw-like ovipositor (Fig. 152) to

Fig. 152 Tip of ovipositor of a sawfly - family Tenthredinidae.
Fig. 153 A sawfly larva, Priophorus morio - family Tenthredinidae (x6).

cut small incisions in leaves, shoots, etc. Larvae eruciform, with three pairs of thoracic legs and, usually, six to eight pairs of abdominal prolegs (Fig. 153); extremely variable in appearance, ranging from cryptically coloured and brightly coloured, caterpillar-like types (sometimes armed with distinct spines or coated with waxen powder), to slug-like, slime-covered forms; entirely phytophagous, solitary or gregarious; usually free-living but some species are gall-inhabiting, leaf-mining or stem-boring.

EXAMPLES: Blennocampinae - Athalia rosae (turnip sawfly), Blennocampa pusilla (leaf-rolling rose sawfly), Caliroa cerasi (pear slug sawfly); Nematinae - Cladius difformis and C. pectinicornis (antler sawflies), Croesus septentrionalis (hazel sawfly), Hoplocampa testudinea (apple sawfly), Nematus ribesii (common gooseberry sawfly); Selandriinae -Dolerus spp. (pests of cereals and grasses).

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