Family Tortricidae tortrix moths

Small moths with broad wings, the forewings sometimes falcate apically but typically more or median fascia \

basai + sub basa I fascia basai + sub basa I fascia

pre-apical spot costal blotch costal blotch

subbasal fascia

subbasal fascia costal striae costal striae

dorsal patch

dorsal patch

dorsal patch

Fig. 128 The main wing patterns of tortricid moths: (a) and (b) subfamily Tortricinae; (c) subfamily Olethreutinae.

less bluntly rounded and rectangular; hair fringes short; forewings of male often with a costal fold; labial palps short; maxillary palps absent; tym-panal organs absent. Subfamily Tortricinae: forewings often with basal, subbasal and median fasciae, a pre-apical spot or a costal patch (Figs 128a, b); subfamily Olethreutinae: forewings often with distinctive costal striae, an ocellus and a dorsal patch (Fig. 128c). Larvae usually with distinct pro thoracic and anal plates (Fig. 129); crochets on the abdominal prolegs biordinal or triordinal, arranged in a complete circle (Fig. 129a), those on the anal prolegs forming a semicircle (cf. family Oecophoridae); an anal comb often present (Fig. 129b); prespiracular plate on prothorax with three lateral (L) setae (Fig. 130) (cf. family Pyralidae); abdominal segments 1-7 usually with one short and one long subdorsal (SD) seta, the long SD seta on the eighth abdominal segment usually immediately anterior to the spiracle (Fig. 131) (cf. family Oecophoridae). Larvae usually inhabit spun leaves or shoots, and pupation usually occurs in the larval habitation, amongst spun leaves or in a folded leaf; typically, the pupa protrudes from the cocoon following emergence of the adult.

EXAMPLES: Olethreutinae - Cydia nigricana (pea moth), Pammene rhediella (fruitlet mining tortrix moth); Tortricinae - Acleris comariana (strawberry tortrix moth), Adoxophyes orana (summer fruit tortrix moth), Archips podana (fruit tree tortrix moth), Cacoecimorpha pronubana (carnation tortrix moth), Cnephasia asseclana (flax tortrix moth).

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