Family Trichogrammatidae

Tarsi 3-segmented; forewings broad, the venation S-shaped (Fig. 156d); wing pubescence arranged in distinct lines; hindwings very narrow; hair fringes short; constriction between propodeum and gaster secondary. All species are minute (0.31.0 mm long) and parasitoids of insect eggs. EXAMPLE: Trichogramma evanescens (a para-sitoid of many lepidopterous pests).

Fig. 156 Venation of the forewings of chalcid wasps: (a) family Pteromalidae; (b) family Encyrtidae; (c) family Aphelinidae; (d) family Trichogrammatidae; (e) family Mymaridae.

Fig. 157 Mid-leg of an encyrtid wasp - family Encyrtidae.

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