Family Yponomeutidae eg small ermine moths p 206 et seq

A variable and diverse family of small to medium-sized moths with well-developed, pro-

Fig. 118 Hind tibia and tarsus of an epermenid moth - family Epermeniidae.

jecting maxillary palps. Larvae of various forms: prothoracic plate sometimes ill-defined (subfamily Argyresthiinae); abdominal prolegs with crochets often arranged in several concentric circles (i.e. multiserial) (e.g. subfamily Yponomeutinae) (see later in Fig. 276) or with a circle of small crochets surrounding a penellipse of larger crochets (e.g. subfamily Plutellinae) (Fig. 115d). Larvae of many species feed within plant buds, fruits or shoots; some are gregarious and web-inhabiting.

EXAMPLES: Acrolepiinae - Acrolepiopsis assectella (leek moth); Argyresthiinae -Argyresthia pruniella (cherry fruit moth); Plutellinae - Plutella xylostella (diamond-back moth); Yponomeutinae - Yponomeuta spp. (small ermine moths).

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