Heliothis peltigera Denis Schiffermiiller Bordered straw moth

This subtropical, migratory, multivoltine species occurs occasionally in northern Europe, includ ing the British Isles, where infestations sometimes occur on pot marigold and certain other cultivated Asteraceae. In southern Europe, the larvae sometimes cause damage to field crops, including lucerne, maize, mint and tomato. The greenish, pale-marked larvae (up to 38 mm long when fully grown) are often mistaken for those of the silver y moth, Autographa gamma (p. 237) but are at once distinguished by the greater number of abdominal prolegs (there are five pairs) and the characterstic pale spinules that occur liberally over much of the body surface (Plate 15a). Adults (35-40mm wingspan) are mainly ochreous-yellow, with distinctive darker olive-brown markings on the forewings (including a distinct, blackish reniform stigma); the hindwings are pale yellowish, with a broad, blackish border which has a curved inner edge (cf. scarce bordered straw moth, Helicoverpa armigera, above).

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