Hoplia philanthus Fuessly Welsh chafer

This chafer is a widely distributed and locally common, but usually minor, pest. The adults occur in late June and July, and often swarm in warm, sunny weather. Eggs are laid in the soil, mainly in permanent grassland, and take several weeks to hatch. The larvae feed on grass roots from August or September onwards and, if numerous, can cause severe damage, with grass often dying out in patches. Larvae are up to 22 mm long, whitish and translucent, with numerous gingery body hairs and spines; the head is pale yellowish-brown with powerful, matt-black mandibles; also, the body is strongly flexed, with the head held tightly against the anal segment; the spines on the anal segment are arranged irregularly (Fig. 203b). Adults are 7-11 mm long and black, with reddish-brown elytra and reddish legs.

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