Hypera nigrirostris F A clover leaf weevil

This species is associated mainly with clover. The larvae typically form short slits in the stems or burrow into the buds; the heads of attacked plants may become distorted or young shoots killed, but damage caused is rarely significant.


Overwintered adults are active in April and May, and females deposit about 200 eggs over a period of about 4 weeks. Eggs hatch in 2-3 weeks and the larvae then burrow into the buds or stems. Larvae usually feed for 3-4 weeks and then pupate, each spinning a silken cocoon on the plant or on the soil surface. New adults appear 1-2 weeks later. These young adults feed for a short time and then seek sheltered sites in which to overwinter.


Adult 3-4 mm long, mainly blackish, partly clothed in green, greenish-grey or brownish, hair-like scales; legs red with dark femora (Fig. 232). Larva up to 5mm long; body yellowish-green.

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